Our Emergency Shelter and Crisis Hotline (770-386-8779) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We offer the following helpful services:

  • Family violence prevention through public awareness and education
  • Referral services to social agencies
  • Advocacy for families experiencing violence
  • Children's program
  • Medical assistance resources offered
  • Peer counseling in a group setting
  • Legal advocacy and referral



Why Should You Be Concerned? 


Because everybody pays for the abuse of women in the home:

  • Estimates of the number of women who are battered each year in the U.S. ranges from 1.8 million to 6 million.

  • In 50% of the battered women cases, the children are beaten as well.

  • Absenteeism from work due to domestic violence costs American businesses from $3 - $5 billion dollars and another $100 million in medical bills.

  • 85% of men in prison and 90% of rapists report that they grew up in a violent home.

  • Many police officers report that their least desirable, most frequent call, is to a home where there is violence.

The ones who suffer the most are the victims themselves:

  • 25% of female suicide attempts are attributed to battering.

  • A married woman is 5 times more likely to be attacked by her husband than a stranger.

  • A disproportionate number of abuses take place when a woman is pregnant.

  • Battering is the major cause of injury to women in the U.S.

  • Nearly 1/2 of female homicide victims are killed by their husbands or boyfriends.

  • 1 in 4 women experience Domestic Violence in her lifetime.

  • Georgia ranks 15 in the nation for Domestic Violence.



Myths About Domestic Violence

It can't be that bad or she would leave.
Violence usually escalates over the course of months or years, and a woman is sometimes numb to how bad violence has become. Women are trapped by a variety of economic, emotional, social, and religious reasons in a violent relationship with a man who is usually an expert at convincing her that it "will never happen again." Violence heightens when a victim decides to leave.

The family should stay together at all costs.
A violent home is a lethal environment for all family members. Unfortunately, many women stay far too long trying to "work it out," and many have lost their lives or maybe even killed in self-defense. Marriage counseling and mediation are only appropriate if and when the abuser is able to keep an agreement that he will stop using violence as a means of control.

I would know an abuser or battered woman if I saw one.
We all know abusers and battered women. Battering, or abuse, is often the best kept family secret, and battered women are often experts at keeping family, friends, and co-workers from knowing the real story. Abusers are often "Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde" personalities, and many find it hard to believe that such a "nice guy" could do such horrible things.



Many Types of Abuse

Physical - hitting, punching, shoving, biting, kicking, beating, using a weapon, grabbing, slapping, choking, pulling hair, etc.

Emotional - Putting her down or making her feel bad about herself, calling her names, making her think she is crazy, playing "mind games"

Sexual - Making her do sexual things against her will, physically attacking the sexual parts of her body, treating her as a sex object

Using Male Privilege - Treating her like a servant, making all the "big" decisions, acting like the "master of the castle"

Intimidation - Putting her in fear by using looks, actions, gestures, loud voice, smashing things, destroying her property

Isolation - Controlling what she does, who she sees and talks to, and where she goes

Using Children - Making her feel guilty about the children, using children to carry messages, using visitation to harass her

Threats - Making and/or carrying out threats to do something to her emotionally, threatening to take children, commit suicide, report her to DFACS

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