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What You Can Do To Help

  • Become a supporter of Tranquility House.

  • Remind your Legislator that you are concerned about the state's most under reported crime and about state support for battered women shelters.

  • Examine and discuss the glamorization of violence in media and culture.

  • If you are a batterer, realize that you have a problem; that assault in the home is a crime and that you do have a choice about how you handle your anger.

  • If you are a battered woman - seek help. You can call our Crisis Line at 770-386-8779.

  • Get Involved! Offer help - Donate your time and money to assist in providing shelter needs

To Volunteer, call 770-386-8093

Yes, I want to help.

Thank you for supporting Tranquility House!

(Please mark on your United Way cards, the Payroll deduction for Tranquility House.)

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Crisis Line 770-386-8779
To Volunteer, call 770-386-8093

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